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Criminal Defense

Criminal defense is essentially the actions taken by the accused before, during and after a trial to obtain the best possible outcome. This can include witness interviews and cross-examinations, procedural efforts to challenge which evidence is admissible, plea negotiations and more.

Criminal defense strategies

  • One clear priority for defense attorneys is to seek an outright dismissal of charges. While the benefit to their client is obvious, this work is often easier said than done.
  • Another strategy defense attorneys will turn to is to highlight how the incident was a one-time error and not a pattern of criminal behavior.
  • Finding ways to invalidate evidence or remove it from the case entirely is another method defense attorneys often use to counter a prosecution.
  • Often, the facts and circumstances of a case require defense attorneys to focus their efforts on minimizing penalties. One way to do this is through the use of plea bargaining.
Civil Litigations

Civil litigation is a legal dispute between two or more parties seeking monetary damages or specific performance, rather than criminal sanctions. It encompasses a broad range of legal disputes, including breach of contract, property disputes, and personal injury claims. Civil litigation is usually initiated by one party, the plaintiff, who files a complaint against the other party, the defendant, seeking a resolution to the dispute.

IPR & Trademark

A holder of an intellectual property has several exclusive rights related to the IP. These include the exclusive license to:

  • (For trade secrets and patents) use the IP to implement systems, strategies, and processes for commercial or non-commercial reasons;
  • (In the case of copyright) utilize the IP commercially, such as selling copies of the IP or distributing it publicly;
  • (For trademarks) use the IP to sell products and services.

Intellectual property infringement is when an unauthorized party infringes upon the IP holder’s exclusive license to exploit the intellectual property. The following examples illustrate some different manifestations of IP infringement:

Patents: An infringer creates a product or service based upon designs and processes that belong to the patent holder.

Copyright: An infringer makes an unauthorized copy of a copyright-protected piece of music and sells it to consumers.

Trademarks: An infringer attempts to sell its product using a logo that’s considered too similar to the trademark holder’s.

Trade secrets: An infringer enters a new market sector, its strategy based upon client analyses considered to be the exclusive property of the IP holder.

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